Sundays in January

January 8, 2012                                     Baptism of Jesus, Installation of Officers

            Today’s sermon is You Have a Part in the Story. We use the Genesis story of creation to talk point toward the meaning of our baptism. Today, as we celebrate the baptism of Vance and Berkley Daggett (and look forward to the baptism of Joshua Himmelberg), we remember that we all have a part in God’s story, and a place in God’s heart. If you have a memento of your baptism or your child’s baptism, you may bring it to share at the altar in today’s service.

After church there will be a reception for the newly baptized children and Pastor David will meet with the confirmation class over refreshments in Lurwick Hall.

Read: Genesis 1: 1-5, 26-27, 31  2: 1-3, Mark 1:4-11

January 15, 2012                  Human Relations Sunday, Martin Luther King jr. Sunday

            Rev. David Brown, a United Methodist deacon will preach for Human Relations Sunday today. Rev. Brown has written a book this year about the Delaware Conference, the segregated African American conference in the United Methodist Church before the 1968 merger. Deacon David has helped to lead our winter retreats the last 2 years and will talk with St. Luke members about their wishes for this year’s retreat after church today.

Read: Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18, John 1: 43-51


January 22, 2012                                    Third Sunday after the Epiphany

We baptize Joshua Himmelberg in the service today. The message, Who Gives You Directions? begins a series on Christian ministry and vocation. We begin today with the story of Jonah who tries to find his own way when God is clearly telling him which way to go. The Journey class meets after church today.

Read: Jonah 3:1-5, 10; Mark 1:14-20


 Jan. 29, 2012                                                Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

Rev. Lydia Munoz preaches at St. Luke today in a pulpit exchange with Pastor David.  This is the fifth Sunday of the month, so the young people, particularly the confirmation class, will help to lead the service. This is the Sunday before our winter retreat. We continue with the theme of exploring and discerning our Christian ministry and vocation. The Journey class may meet with Rev. Munoz after church today.

Read: Psalm 111, Mark 1:21-28