Sundays in May

Sundays in May

Month of May: Mothers, Musicale, & Memorials

May 6, 2012 Holy Communion

Our confirmation trip to Ellis Island sparked a lot of thoughts for me about where we come from – the heritage of generations of faithful and courageous people who immigrated or were brought to this country. The last two sermons in the series Growing Up Christian in the 21st Century will reflect on that heritage.  This week’s sermon, Living Into Our Heritage, is about how we live out the expectations of our ancestors in a rapidly changing world. Do we stay connected to the legacy of their care for the community or do become cut off from them?

The Men’s LIFE group meets this morning at 8 am.  The Journey Class meets after church. The Holy Communion offering this morning goes to “Imagine No Malaria” the conference initiative to end malaria worldwide. The Central District goal is to raise $30,000.  St. Luke is pledging $1,000 toward that goal.

Read: Psalm 22:25-31; John 15:1-8

May 13, 2012 Mothers’ Day

On Mothers’ Day this year we sing some old favorite songs like “It is Well with My Soul,” and we will sing at least one song that we have never sung before. The sermon, Growing Up Christian in the 21st Century: Sing a New Song, uses Psalm 98’s phrase “Sing to the Lord a new song,” as the opportunity to think about what we need to keep the same in worship and what vehicles of expression of the Gospel may vary for new generations.

The Confirmation Class will meet after church today (if mothers allow it.)

Read: Psalm 98, John 15:9-17

May 20, 2012 Spring Musicale

Growing Up Christian in the 21st Century: Who Are You Becoming?, is the last sermon in this series. Today is Ascension Sunday, the last Sunday of Easter, the day that celebrates the final ascension of the Risen Christ. This may not be a prominent holy day in the church, but in the context of this sermon series, this day may symbolize the time when the teacher leaves the student on their own and the student has to face the future with only his or her own resources. When the next generation has to lead the church, where will we go?

After the service today, we will share food in Lurwick Hall and enjoy the fun musical offerings of the Spring Musicale.

Read: Acts 1:1-11; John 17:6-19

May 27, 2012    Day of Pentecost, Memorial Day

Melaina Trice will preach a Pentecost message this morning, while Pastor David leads the memorial service for his father in law. Pentecost is the day when the church catches fire, the Holy Spirit enters the lives of the disciples, and people begin to understand each other in all kinds of new ways.

Read: Psalm 104:24-34, 35b, Acts 2: 1-21