July & August: God is Present to Us in Every Season

Sundays in July and August

God is Present to Us in Every Moment of Our Lives

July 23, 2017 Church Picnic

The third sermon in the series on Learning from Death is Dreams, Humor, and Courage. This sermon will honor the memory of my mother as I prepare for her memorial service on Tuesday, July 25th. Our reading this morning describes Jacob’s dreams and connection with the Spirit.

After the service today, the congregation gathers in Gladwyne Park for our annual summer picnic – with great food, conversation under the trees, Frisbee golf, horseshoes, and sweet times. It’s never too hot in Gladwyne Park and only serious rain would push us indoors. So plan to come.

Read: Genesis 28:10-19a; Romans 8:12-25


July 30, 2017

To conclude the Learning from Death sermon series, my sermon The Last Word will tell you about my mother’s last word(s) and her last days. I hope this sermon series is not too indulgent in my personal memories and that the congregation will also learn from the spiritual, musical, and scriptural connections I made during my last days with her.

Read: Proverbs 31: 10-31; Matthew 6: 31-34, 2 Peter 3: 11-15


August 6, 2017 Holy Communion

If the Learning from Death sermon series has not been too focused on my family up this point, my plan is to talk a little more about my mother’s Scottish ancestry. In a sermon titled The Name of the Room is Remember, I’d like to remember Archibald Johnston, Lord of Warriston. How does our ancestry form us in ways of which we may be unaware?

Marcell Bellinger will be our guest pianist this morning and next Sunday. There will be no communion offering this morning.

Read: Genesis 32:22-31; Matthew 14:13-21


August 13, 2017

We read this morning of Peter’s attempt to walk on the water at Jesus’ request. As we enjoy the warm days of summer, the sermon Walking on the Water wonders how we try God’s patience. Do we get on God’s last nerve more when we arrogantly take on what only the divine can accomplish, or when we don’t even try?

Read: Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28; Matthew 14:22-33


August 20, 2017

Rev. Hal Taussig will preach this morning. Pastor Hal, retired pastor and professor, led our church retreat this spring, so it will be good to have a chance to listen to him preach.

Read: Genesis 45:1-15; Matthew 15: 10-28


August 27, 2017       Great Day of Singing

Joanne Miles is serving as a part time deacon at St. Luke during 2017-18, starting at the beginning of the summer. She will lead our annual Great Day of Singing along with Matthew Phillips-English

Read: Exodus 1:8-2:10; Matthew 16:13-20

September 3, 2017        Labor Day weekend, Holy Communion

Sharon Vandegrift will preach and lead communion this Sunday.