January 2018 – Captured by Mystery

January, 2018 -

Frigid Weather Outside Opens 2018 

with Warmth & Love Inside

January 7, 2017   Epiphany, Holy Communion

The sermon series for the Sundays after Epiphany and before Lent begins will be Captured by Mystery. There is enough mystery in our faith and in God’s world that we could talk about it for the whole year. This Sunday we begin this exploration with readings from the creation story at the very beginning of the Bible along with a passage about the mystery of grace from Paul’s letter to the people of Ephesus.

The Men’s LIFE group gathers for breakfast at 8 am. The communion offering goes to hurricane relief – supporting the POWER Metro benefit concert on January 28 and a trip to Florida that Jon Cumming and Tom Lank will be leading Feb. 5-10. We will take down Christmas decorations after church this Sunday.

Read:   Genesis 1:1-5, Ephesians 3:1-12


January 14, 2017  Second Sunday after the Epiphany Human Relations Sunday, Installation of Officers

In the Gospel of John, sight is a constant metaphor for understanding the mystery and intimacy of God’s presence. In the second sermon in our series, Captured by Mystery: What Do You See?, we think about what John meant by this metaphor. How does the presence of the Living God help us to see more deeply our life’s purpose and meaning?

After church today we have a Church Council meeting scheduled. We will think ahead about our February 3rd planning retreat. the Parents’ LIFE group is scheduled to meet at the same time and may decide to join church council, or not.

Read: Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18, John 1: 43-51


January 21, 2017 Third Sunday after the Epiphany Mission Connexion action

The biggest mystery in the story of Jonah and the whale is not how Jonah survives 3 days in the whale’s stomach. It’s the mystery of God’s grace to the people of Ninevah. This week’s continuation of our series is Captured by Mystery: God’s Changing Mind. Are you willing to go out of your way to give someone good news, even if it’s not a person for whom you have high regard?

At 2 pm this afternoon, St. Luke joins with other members of the Mission Connexion at Radnor UMC to fill cleaning buckets which have been depleted by recent emergencies. Pastor Joanne is collecting donations for the cleaning buckets.

Read: Jonah 3:1-5, 10; Mark 1:14-20

Jan. 28, 2017  Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany POWER Metro Concert

Captured by Mystery: Recognizing Truth is the fourth sermon in our Epiphany series. In the Gospel of Mark, which we will be reading and studying this year, few people recognize Jesus as the Messiah, the Christ, but people who are possessed by demons, as in our passage for this day, immediately recognize Jesus and call out their recognition.

What keeps us from recognizing the divine spark in each other? What keeps us from recognizing our True Selves and our relationship to God? May we be captured this day by the truth. This afternoon at 4 pm, POWER Metro is sponsoring a concert for Interfaith Harmony Weekend. Big Push Big Band and EZUZ, Jewish World Music will play in this benefit for Puerto Rican hurricane relief. The concert is at Ascension United Church of Christ in Norristown.

Read: Deuteronomy 18:15-20, Mark 1:21-28