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The History of St. Luke UMC

August 24, 1876 - Decision to found a new church; Bishop Matthew Simpson presided over a meeting at the home of Mrs. Virginia Crawford.


Mother Church: Radnor Methodist Episcopal; Radnor Church was started in 1780.


Cost of the present lot: $2,000, of which, the Pennsylvania  Railroad donated half.

June 29, 1879 - Building Dedication; Cost of building: $8700, paid for on the dedication day.


Between 1890 and 1895, St. Luke formed a congregation from Wayne and Ardmore United Methodist Churches. 

In 1880, the pipe organ was given and installed.


In 1891, the parsonage was built.


November 1915, Sunday School met for the first time in the church basement. In time, better accommodations were needed and the Educational Building was built and consecrated in November 1950. It was renamed Lurwick Hall in 1983 in honor of the Rev. George Lurwick who served St. Luke Church as pastor from 1948 to 1983.

By 1961, the congregation had outgrown the original Church building and a new sanctuary was completed. It was consecrated by Bishop Fred P. Corson on March 23, 1962.


Church membership peaked at 465 members in 1967.



By 1968, the new sanctuary debt was paid in full. Bishop J. Gordon Howard dedicated the sanctuary as debt-free on December 8th of that year.


Reverend Mark I. Salvacion became pastor of St.Luke June, 2022.


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